Changing business models

C- I have a contract position that pays me the equivalent of what I consider a full coaching practice.

I took this position because after being very successful with life and business coaching I’m getting super clear about my niche. I am excited about my niche BUT it means letting some of my favorite private clients go. I sent them the email today stating my shift and the impact this would have on them meaning terminated private coaching with me.

While business wise I am so locked on this decision emotionally I feel so sad and afraid.

Why? My thought is “I have worked soooo hard to fill my practice and I have come to really enjoy my clients. I’m going to miss them. I hope they will be ok.”

I like this thought even though it is making me have feelings of deep sadness.

Is this a 50/50 to allow both the excitement about the new business model AND the sadness of losing clients I have come to love coaching a d enjoy personally ?

It just feels so heavy and conflicting.

Not sure where to work on my thoughts to lead to the R of “creating very successful business with new niche”.