Changing goals

I’m onto my brain as to why it wants to switch impossible goals (especially last-minute).

Generally speaking, I do not think I should switch impossible goals, however, my brain also likes to think it has good reasons. Wanting to assess my thoughts before I jump to a new one.

I did a thought download on the first goal, then the second goal, then generally my thoughts about switching it.

The first goal was to get 2 or more coaching clients into my coaching program by July 31st or sooner. Some of my thoughts about it were:
• I’m not gonna make it.
• It’s too soon of a deadline.
• It’s not enough time to achieve it.
• There’s way too much to do before then.
• This isn’t gonna work.
• It’s the wrong goal. (presupposes that there is a “right” goal, which is incorrect)
• I have too much thought work to work through before I can a) start coaching clients and b) go all in on marketing to get clients

My second/proposed “new” goal is: Make $500,000 in my coaching business. (haven’t officially picked a deadline because I haven’t officially switched.)
• I have so much time to make it happen. (um, hello, because I haven’t set a deadline yet)
• I have no idea how I’m going to do it, but I know I’ll make it happen no matter what it takes.
• I’m playing big now.
• This goal will expect more of me.
• I was meant for this challenge. Bring it.
• If I can lose 75 pounds, I can make 500k.

General thoughts about switching it:
• The first goal was too small. It was the equivalent of setting a weight loss goal to only lose like 10 pounds. Whenever I set my weight impossible goal to lose 75 pounds, it was exactly what I needed to focus on and work toward. If I had set my weight loss goal for 10 pounds, I wouldn’t be in the mindset to really blow my own mind with what I could actually lose.
• This new goal is exactly what I need to play big and really show up. It will require me to fail BIG, and fail OFTEN. That excites me, rather than makes me want to hide like the last one. Almost like, you can’t get 2 clients? Omg that’s so little, what’s wrong with you. But 500k? Of course I can’t do it yet. I’m not that person yet. Becoming that person is exciting to me.
• Maybe it was always supposed to happen that I didn’t achieve 2 clients by 7/31, and I was always supposed to switch my goal a couple weeks before the deadline.
• Technically I could probably work on the thoughts of the 2 client goal, almost just taking the thoughts from the “big” goal, and applying them to the current goal, I know I could do that. But do I even want to? At this point, not really.

Part of me thinks I’m escaping the first goal because I have thoughts like I know I’m not going to make it anyway – and I think it will be no surprise where that model leads. And that in switching the goal to be bigger, I instantly feel bigger, more excited, compelled, and driven, no surprise because of the thoughts I was having.

Wondering how else I can check in with myself to see if I’m escaping the 2 client goal, or I really do actually just need to set a much bigger “barf-sized” goal, just like I did with my weight loss. Looking back at that journey, I can’t even imagine how small I would have kept myself by keeping that 10lb goal. I have completely blown my mind losing 75. I think I need to do that here.

Would love some guidance. Thanks so much coaches!