Changing my mind – tricky brain

Hi there!

In 2018 I made the decision to take a corporate position instead of pursing my life coach business after certification. I was excited about the position and the opportunities it would provide me. In my mind, I committed to staying in the role until the middle to end of 2021 when my spouse and I were planning to move.

However now, a year later, I am wanting to start my coaching business again. Since Covid began, I am working from home and have limited meeting where I no longer see my colleagues or go to an office setting daily – which was one of the reasons I wanted to the role. This is not likely to change, even when we re-open and restrictions lift. In addition, since Covid began, I started to coach a couple of people through their anxiety for free and have really enjoyed it. I also started taking some more online coaching courses to keep up my skills since I had more free time, which has peaked my interest again in coaching. Finally, while all of those reasons are true in my mind, I am also bored in my current role and unfulfilled because I am interested in coaching and doing activities around starting a business.

All of this has propelled me to want to start my coaching business sooner. I mean, why wait? People need me to coach them and I have a lot to offer, especially during this time of global crisis. I can help so many more people if I were to start my business now than just the couple of clients I have through voluteering to coaching on the weekends.

But I have conflicting thoughts. One thought is that I should stay in my current role because I made a decision and should have my own back. I had a habit in the past of changing jobs and when I took the role in the first place, told myself that I would need to stay committed for two to three years. I question whether my reasons above are clean or whether I am moving toward a shiny object and avoiding the negative part of 50/50.

How do I choose between my thoughts of having evidence that now’s the time to switch and I can always change my mind, coaching is what I always intended to do and what I love, etc. versus thoughts that I have to stay committed to the decision I made last year and follow through my original plan?

Thank you.