Charging what I’m "worth"

Hi Coaches! I am currently going through the money and abundance course. I have picked my number I want to earn ($365,000) next year. That number to me is exciting, I can feel it, and it is scary…. in a good way.

I understand that Brooke teaches that our value is determined by what someone is willing to pay us. That we must create the value, put it out in the world, and then people will pay us.

I have had this idea, and I’m currently working on creating a program, that I would charge my clients $100 per month. The program I am currently charging them for is $30 per month.

I know the value I’m offering them substantially exceeds $100 per month, but now I’m questioning it… since I don’t necessarily determine the value after all.

I guess I’m a little stuck here. I don’t want to undercharge what the program is worth, yet I don’t want to lose clients because what I’m charging is too much.

How do I work through this? Any advice?