Choosing between Two Niches

Niche question here 🙂

Starting to really narrow down and nail my niche so I can start creating a clear business plan.

For the past week I have been working on my niche and decided I wanted it to be working with women ages 25-40 in their prime who are working their asses off bringing their contributions to the world but are getting burnt down in the process. Something like: “Illuminate your unique light while not burning yourself out.” I would be supporting them in creating clear and strategic plans of how to live a deliberate life with time management tools and then once they tightened up their work and got things done more efficiently, I would teach them how to bring in replenishment on a daily basis.

My brain has piped in in the past few days offering: “You are not an expert in not getting burn out while creating a business because you are just starting that process now yourself. This is not a niche you can speak naturally about yet.” Which is true. I am an expert in time management and accountability and am in expert in replenishment and the importance and necessity of having daily replenishment but not necessarily the not getting burnt out piece when creating a biz.

So, my brain has taken me to a different place in the past day or so and offered that perhaps I should work with those same kind of woman (ambitious, go-getters etc.) but in their earlier stages before they really know what their passion/contribution is and help them get there. But I also question what kind of package I can come up with serving just this issue. Like couldn’t this be solved in just a few sessions? I was thinking that perhaps that could even be an initial free first session like: “Learn what your magic gift is” and then continue on to my initial niche?

I’m all over the place.
Would love to guidance/questions/thoughts to help me get there..

Thank you! Thank you!