Choosing direction

Hello coaches,
I have decided that I will be resigning in August from a nursing position that I have had for 20 years. I am certified as a coach. My intuition is telling me to just run full steam to my dream of working as a coach/starting a business and not worry about taking time off to do that. However, there is another clinic position that has been posted that is 3 days a week. I could do this job and work on coaching on the side. This would help financially to keep our lifestyle as it is now but I feel like this job may be stressful and I would still have my mind struggling to make another nursing job work (but of course the next job is a circumstance).

What I want most is to have a period of time where I am in integrity of doing what I feel called to do.

C: decision to work or have time off
T: I am going against my intuition to take another job
F: confused
A: doubt myself, make up worse case scenarios, not decide,
R: not listen to my intuition
Thank you for your feedback.