Choosing my niche & looking for feedback!

Hi there,

I’ve finally honed in on a niche that feels really aligned, and I’m excited to share it and receive some feedback before proceeding any further! Here’s what I came up with when filling out the niche worksheet:

1) Broad category: Relationships

2) Submarket:
– Women 28-40 who are driven and successful in their careers but not their romantic relationships
– They want a husband and kids and feel like the clock is ticking in terms of fertility – they are serious about finding a long-term partner/the love of their life, but they aren’t currently getting very far in terms of dating or finding someone on their own
– They’re feeling disillusioned with dating, can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong and why they’re attracting the “wrong guy” over and over again, and have started convincing themselves that “there are no good men in (insert any city here)”

3) What would someone google to find you?
– how to find/attract my soulmate OR
– how/where to find a guy who’s ready to commit/ready for marriage

4) Solution — this is where I’m getting a little stuck — in my eyes, the solution is: a) changing the way these women relate to themselves, b) changing their thoughts around dating and relationships, and c) shifting their outer approach and method to one that is fun, intentional, and reflects these new thoughts!

I feel clear on that, but how do I convey all of it in a nice, short n’ sweet way that appeals to my ideal client? I know it has to be in their words, and should be focused on the external result, right? At the same time, I don’t want to promise a result I can’t control (like “you will meet the man of your dreams!”).

And, overall — am I on the right track? Does this sound like the kind of niche that will work for building an online business?

Thanks SO much for your help,