Chose a Niche and Imposter Syndrome Set In

Hi! I finally chose a niche. I was between coaching women who want it all (so more general life coaching) and helping moms launch/scale their side hustles into profitable businesses. Ive decided the latter. I felt so good about this decision. I mapped out a course and worksheets. A curriculum that I could use when coaching and eventually turn into a program. I took a lot of aligned action over the past two weeks but the more work I produced, the more I began to question my ability to coach this niche. I have built a side hustle of my own, with 3 kids and a full-time job. So, I’ve done it for myself. I have the model to use in my coaching. Not only do I want to help them with marketing but also burnout. So many entrepreneur moms struggle with time and self-care, so this would be a major component of my coaching. I know I could coach others, but I think I’m struggling with imposter syndrome. I don’t want this to slow me down and stop me.

My current T’s are:
No one will take me seriously.
The world doesn’t need another business coach.
I haven’t made 6 figures in one calendar year yet.

F: Doubtful, uncertain, insecure

A: I’m still taking action-but it’s taking a long time to make decisions, I’m questioning everything I do, I’m not making offers, I spent a lot of time on website, I’m doing models,

R- I’m not showing up the way I want. I’m not owning my experience.

*I know its more than one T and F here…but they are all so similar.

What do I do for imposter syndrome?