Clarification On Niche (rest Of Question)

I want to start a business where I help working moms transition to working from home. In one aspect, I want to help them with making sure they are ready ahead of time so they don’t get overwhelmed when they make that transition. Another part I wanted to focus on was helping the mom that’s already started working from home but she is overwhelmed and I wanted to help her reduce that overwhelm so she can grow her business and succeed with this new work at home life.

Is this one niche of working moms transitioning to working from home? Or is it actually multiple niches where one is the mom that’s going to work from home but hasn’t yet, another is the mom that has and she wants to make sure she gets off on the right foot and the third being the mom who has and is completely overwhelmed by the whole thing? I can see products and solutions for each scenario. Is it better to pick one and go all in on that one or have the “working moms transitioning to work from home” niche and then these other ideas are simply subsets or situations they may be in? Right now I have a blog so I can see having topics on all but I’m wanting to create a mastermind or membership model to go with it and that’s where I don’t think they would mesh as well. Thanks!