Clarifying an Offer & Switching a "non-offer" to an "offer"

I have an online program for couples. I drive traffic there from my FB group as well as FB ads. People like what I have to say in the ad, they go to the page, and it includes a description, an invitation, including a BUY button. They are invited to buy. They either buy or they don’t. Then they leave the page. I was thinking this is an offer – as opposed to the people on my FB page/Group who see announcements about this course but never actually go to check it out. IS that correct? Am I understanding it right?

I am tracking the people that read my ad, and about 50% go to check out the page.

If it’s not an offer in the way you consider it, how could I change it into one?

When Brooke says at the end of her podcasts – If you enjoy this content, go check out the the Life Coach School – are those considered offers? I thought they were. (That’s how I purchased, too.)