Clarifying The Value/Offer

I was just on the What’s Possible Call with Brooke and I’m wondering if I can get a bit of help clarifying and/or change my offer to create value.

I’m basically helping sugar addicts quit sugar. I never knew this was an option for me and I’m still amazed that I don’t have to have sugar! The biggest benefit for me personally is that the food chatter that used to be in my head 24/7 is gone! But I’m afraid that this isn’t compelling to the people who needs this because they don’t know it’s possible or haven’t even thought about it.

Should I change my message to something more basic?

I have resistance to advertising it for weight loss because I want to help those who have a problem with compulsive thoughts or eating, with or without the extra weight.

All I can think of is food freedom / being in control of eating habits. It doesn’t sound compelling to me.