Clarity in niche/message

Hi coaches! I’m working really hard to pinpoint my niche and how I help people so I create clarity in my messaging and finally grow my business! I’d love any feedback on this – namely, is it specific enough and a strong enough pain point to build my coaching practice on? Thanks in advance!


Niche worksheet

Category: Health

Submarket: weight loss for aspiring creative/purpose driven female entrepreneurs

What would people google to find me:

how to stop sugar cravings
how to stop binge eating
how to stop eating at night

What is my solution to the problem and why is it compelling:

I teach women how to change their relationship with food in order to stop cravings and binging, rather than using willpower.

My ideal client is:

female, age 25-35
college educated, upper middle class
urban dwelling
single, no kids

career minded, driven to help people and make the world a better place
creative and purpose driven
wants to travel, date, create change, overall live life more fully!

Main struggles
not feeling good enough/worthy enough which ultimately leads to buffering with food and emotional eating, which perpetuates the cycle
does not feel in control of food
wants to feel confident and in control of life

One sentence to describe what I do:

I help my ideal client to find freedom from food, feel confident and sexy in her body, and feel empowered to create the life she’s been dreaming of.