Classical music

Hello Brooke,
My partner is classical music composer. He had a career in different area but decided to come back to music because he loves it. His music is amazing and as music lover I know he has exceptional talent. He wants to focus mainly on composing and wants me to do bussiness staff. I have time right now so I can help him. I already made his website, landing page and set everything for creating a mailing list. We decided to give one of his latest pieces for free in mp3 to download. One week pasted and I already see that Fb add has very low relevance score. Then I see that only 10% of people who saw the add went to website and of that only 10% subscribed. There is a lot to figure out.
My question is do you think that giving a free mp3 is a good idea in the world of free music on youtube?
Maybe instead of classical music lovers we should focus towards orchesras, symphonies or music for movies. Talking about impossible goal – it is impossible to be hired by hollywood music producer without knowing the right people and living on the other coast.
Is it better to focus on everyday people who listen to music or “big fish” poeple who order music? or both?
Do you know anyone who is coach or consultant for music industry?
Thank you.