Client Cancels – Policy?

In my 8 week group, a client said she cannot attend next week due to her kid xyz. Now, previously she missed week 2 bc of a friend’s death at work xyz. She can watch the zoom and catch up but I realized I don’t have a policy other thank she can watch and do homework. I guess I fear she will continue to have things come up in her life and I prefer to be compassionate but without altering my time so much to accommodate her.

I want to bend and meet her needs even though I didn’t ask what her needs are. Preferably I create a set standard policy. For myself, I need to be clear what I offer- how I make allowances and instead I froze and didn’t write her back.

Another snafu I ended the session #1 too early by mistake and owe them both a combined 1/2 hour I don’t know how to mend.

Learning in LCS to take responsibility in my own life, I am drained by this over-thinking trying to accommodate others. But that is my business I need to handle. right?