Client Comment on FB – Need help with my model

Hi guys! I wasn’t sure if this should go in the business section or the other Ask Brooke (#newbieJune), but it’s related to my business, so I’m asking here 🙂 For background, I’m a veterinary dermatologist (only one in my state seeing patients currently) and my wait time is about 6 weeks…that’s with me working people in on lunches, etc.

Here’s my TDL: I saw a comment on the GRRACE (golden retriever rescue) FB page from a woman who has scheduled an appointment with me for her Golden with a hot spot, but we can’t get her in for 3 weeks. Her comment was, “I’m sick and tired of doctors who don’t care about my dog’s suffering. My vet is doing her best, but it’s not helping. I can’t believe Dr. Lori can’t get him in sooner.” I was immediately hurt and defensive. I wanted to respond. How could she possibly think I don’t care? I give 100% to my clinic and my patients. I make myself more accessible than I should to my own detriment and to that of my family. I miss family events because I’m working and caring for patients. It took 6 months to get my dad into the top cardiologist in the state versus her 3 weeks to get in to see me. She should be grateful. I’m trying to realize that she’s just worried about her dog. I totally get that and I will try to work her in sooner if I possibly can, but hearing that I didn’t care still hurt. Trying to process that it’s only how I’m thinking about it that’s causing the hurt…but…

Ineffective Model
C: Comment on FB
T: I can’t believe she thinks I don’t care about animals!
F: Hurt, Angry, Defensive
A: want to reply on FB and justify the wait time so others don’t think I don’t care
R: stay anxious, hurt, and angry that she made assumptions about me and doesn’t know me…(exactly like it seems I’m doing about her now…oops!)

Effective Model
C: Comment on FB
T: She is just worried and upset because her dog is struggling. I would feel the same.
F: empathy
A: Try to work her in sooner in a cancellation spot and avoid responding on FB
R: Continue to do my best for all my patients and take comfort in that (???) This doesn’t seem right here….

Help? Thanks! OH!!!! and Brooke, your Boston babies are the bomb. I’m going to have one someday 🙂