Client Criticisms

I have a company that provides B2B services. We have recently become very busy. Most of our clients give us glowing reviews, but this week I’ve had 2 complaining emails by regular clients who I feel aren’t cutting us enough slack. We are just people who are doing the best we can. This is my company and I feel personally responsible for all my independent contractors work. It really affects me when clients complain. I am also the only person in my company who would deal with a complaining email. It’s getting to be a bit much. No fun. I’d like to think about it better so these email don’t feel so painful. I founded the business 20 years ago. No I own half of this company I founded with a business partner who bought in 4 years ago. She doesn’t have the people skills to not run off clients and the workers unfortunately. So here I am dealing with it all and that feels unfair. How can I look at all this?