Client emailing and ignoring the replies.

On Wednesday, a past client booked a coaching session with me for the next day, Thursday.
I have only had two coaching appointments with him.
Once in 2019 and once in early 2020
I hadn’t seen him for 18 months.
The only way to book an appointment with me is to pay at the time of booking through my online calendar.
I do this because so many people would forget their wallets or cheques would bounce etc and I never get paid.

However, because he needed to reschedule the first coaching appointment he booked back in 2019, he had a link to my calendar that didn’t require an upfront payment (because he had already paid for that appointment.)

I hadn’t heard from him for 18 months.
Then, when he booked an appointment this week, he used the reschedule link rather than the new coaching appointment link that also took the payment.
Within the hour of him making the booking, my bookkeeper contacted him, explained the situation, canceled the appointment on the calendar so that he could rebook (at the same time) and make the payment.
She also explained that since covid I only see clients on zoom, not in person as he had come to my office in the past.

He didn’t reply or rebook.

Then on Thursday, one hour before the canceled appointment would have started, he emailed me asking why the appointment had been canceled.
He asked if I was double-booked or had he inadvertently canceled it?
Either way, was I still available and would we be meeting in my office or on zoom?

My bookkeeper/assistant replied and asked him to refer to the email she had sent him the day before (which had all the details). She told him the time she sent it and the title of the email, so he could find it easily.
No response.

Then at 6pm, 3 hours after the appointment would have taken place, he emailed me again, asking me if we would be meeting in person or on Zoom.

I replied, asking if he got the emails from my bookkeeper/assistant.

He hasn’t replied yet.

I am typically a very calm, patient person. Anger isn’t an emotion I feel very often, yet I have found this whole exchange infuriating.

It’s like I am gagged and the person can’t hear me.

But my assistant and I have sent clear and prompt communication.

Could you help me with my model?

C. Past client sent 2 emails on Thursday regarding a canceled appointment
F Angry
T. He is acting like he doesn’t know what’s happening when he has all the information right in front of him.
Actions. I get caught up in this situation in my head and tell myself how annoying and entitled he is. And how he is purposely trying to make my life hard.
I blocked some time in the evening to bake something that is fun for me but don’t do very often. When I saw his email he sent a 6pm, I was so mad I had to stop baking and think about how to reply

R. I feel angry and annoyed at the client.