Client isn’t “making progress”

I’m working with a client who keeps saying “I really am grateful for your emotional support, but I’m not making progress.” I’m working with her on productivity and follow through.  Even after we discuss all the ways in which our brains try to stop us when we try to change, how we have to make choices ahead of time and stick to them in the moment even if we want to give into our urges (all in the name of our long term goals), she comes back each week and reports that my “methods” aren’t working for her.

I show up each week clear about my thought that I can offer The Model, but I cannot make anyone do anything outside of our sessions; I just coach and support their development. And then I leave the session feeling frazzled. I want to stay committed to myself and what I am responsible for during our sessions though. Any recommendations for staying clean during the session? Thank you!!