Client leads filling my inbox freaks me out.

I’m a new coach and therapist.

I have been trying to get my business going for almost a year now. And then a lead generation company found my Google My Business account from Google Maps and are now sending me daily leads to my email from real people who are looking for coaches and therapists. The leads come as soon as someone hits a “find me a coach” button in real time, even in the middle of the night.

First I thought it was a scam so I called to this company and they actually are a genuine company. They said that to secure a business I should call to those leads as soon as they arrive in my inbox (as the people looking for help are in a mental state by the time they hit “find a coach” button).

I thought it was too good to be true. So I called to one of those leads. And to my surprise it actually was a -real- person who needed help. A real lady in distress, half crying. We talked for 30 minutes. As I wasn’t prepared at all I felt like totally failing in that call. It wasn’t a consultation or a mini-session (her finding my business and her calling me – it was me calling her) and I didn’t manage to book her in or take payment during the call, I had no “sales speech” etc prepared. I sent her an email afterwards so she can book a session and pay for it but she never replied. She obviously felt much better after talking with someone for 30 min so most likely the “mental state” to buy coaching ASAP got minimised.

Because she didn’t email me back and because I had no proper strategy for doing this call, got a yes from her or take payment I felt like a such a loser.

Now, my adult brain would say “go on take more calls, get a strategy and find a way to take payment there and then over the phone” etc.

But I froze. I didn’t call to any other leads that the company sends me. I’m just curled up in a ball and watching my inbox getting filled with people looking for help.

This is … so ridiculous. So many people would be happy to jump to call these people and hustle them in to work with them.

I’m freaking out. (And would finally like to be coached LIVE).


With love, Anna from London