Client Plateau

I am a newer coach and just started selling a six month coaching program.  2 months in, one client decided she wanted to “marvel” in her results. She was feeling really good. Have success moving through triggers for alcohol, not shaming herself for eating Mac and cheese. Feeling emotions. All good things. She didn’t ghost me but said she had even told her therapist she wanted a break. She didn’t want coaching on it. She simply said she was good and didn’t really have anything to say. I told her she had grown her awareness a lot and went over with her some of the tools and take aways.

I don’t want to force anyone to do anything they aren’t willing to do. I think the best thought is, “I will prepare clients about a fail plan and enforce the 6 month commitment by having a buy out.”  For me I don’t want someones money if I’m not coaching them, I want them to get the results they came for. I made my program with alcohol 6 months because I know what comes up with ghost thoughts.