Client renewal

Two of my coaching clients worked with me for a year. They are considering hiring a coach for next year, and we are talking about whether to hire me or another coach. I noticed that I was dancing around the question. Rather than asking: 1. Do you have any objections to working with me? 2. What do you see happening if you continue working with me? I was “pretending” that I am not attached to the outcome, and asked them to look around and find a coach who can support their next year’s breakthrough. They can hire me or another coach, I said, and I supported their exploration.

Both of them are now inclined to hire another coach, which brings up a lot of sadness within me. I start to beat myself up about why didn’t I question their objections. I am wondering if there is something wrong with me because they don’t want to continue working with me (although they said they have gotten so much from our relationship). I also look at how to improve in the future when I’m having these conversations, and I don’t know what is lacking or what contributed to this outcome… This seems to show up when I am on consults with potential clients as well. I pretend that I am not attached to the outcome, and I tell them to freely choose. But then when they don’t choose me, I am frustrated.