Client results are totally my responsibility

I have a colleague (in coaching business) whose clients have got big $$ results, and she has great testimonials. I ran my first program and got great feedback from most of the participants. However, my mind is very attached to the idea that “I really have to get clients big $$ results, otherwise nothing else matters.” However, this is also stopping me in the tracks from offering my program again.

I keep spying on the colleague and seeing what she is doing, what does she know, how does she coach. How is she after all getting those testimonials and results. I am spending energy on that more than what I could be doing, planning and preparing for my things and events. I also know pieces of the puzzle, and believe if participants followed everything that I teach them, they will get those results.

However, they come at different stages, and also, they need other pieces of the puzzle – like their foundations, offerings, money mindset, belief in themselves, commitment to taking action, etc. I only teach part of social media. Even in that, this colleague teaches (and charges) everything. She has more experience under her belt.

I am not sure where the thought glitch is. I’d love to shake this commitment to this thought “I must get clients $$ results or I am not going to make it.” I feel it’s a quality that serves me that I am so invested, but it is not serving me right now as it is stopping me from taking action.

Thank you.