Client wanting to pause sessions

So I have a coaching client with a 6-month engagement, she’s about 6 sessions in, emailed me last week to ask if we can “pause our sessions” and pick back up mid-June, after she moves from Chicago to California on June 26th.

She’s on a monthly payment plan. I’m not sure if I should have her continue making the payments EVEN IF she pauses (which we will discuss on our call this Thursday), or if I should let her pause her payments.

Part of me is like, what’s in the client’s best interest with the payments?

But I feel conflicted because I have an agenda for her to not pause, to do the coaching without stopping all the way through. I don’t want to jump in the pool with her on the call and agree with her story about “she’s so busy because she’s moving”, because I believe getting coached is the most valuable thing you can do ESPECIALLY when you’re super busy.

It’s possible I need to clean up some of my own thinking here but maybe not?

Also, it’s like, if you buy a car and make monthly payments on it, you still have to pay the payments on it even if you don’t drive it? But do I want that to be my main reason for having her make the payments even if she pauses?

My contract doesn’t have anything in there yet for this scenario of pausing sessions and what to do with the monthly payment. Not sure what to do.