C – I wrote a social media post. Client said: “I would like to cancel the upcoming calls because I might not feel comfortable as I saw your recent LinkedIn post”.

So the post was me sharing the insight of one of our coaching call that I had with my client. I did not mention her name. The conversation was about business and my genuine intention was to share the tips to other ideal clients who might be struggling with the same thing.

It was not directed towards her or it was never about her at all.

But yeah now I kind of feel bad. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that or maybe that was against clients privacy?
I don’t know. My post was meant to help other ideal clients who might be struggling with the same thing and personally I wouldn’t really get affected if my coach posted like that.

Yeah now I am looking at my posts and thinking:
Maybe this came across as a bit arrogant?

I feel upset because all I wanted to give was value and that now I have created a bad experience as a coach to her?

She wasn’t my paid client. I had only offered her free coaching sessions.

My thought is: My social media post made her uncomfortable?

Tbh I really didn’t realise anyone would feel this way.

I feel bad because she interpreted my social media posts or intentions differently.

What do I do moving forward? Do I stop creating posts like such? For me it seems neutral but I never know what my my clients prefer or not?