Clients husband says I’m too expensive

Hi coaches.

I recently made an offer to a possible client for coaching for $400 a month for a 3 month commitment. She was SO excited, and REALLY wanted to come onboard. Because she isn’t working now, she said that she would have to just run it past her husband.

She came back to me tonight saying that her husband is skeptical and is worried about the pricing. He said to her that she has tried and failed so many different programs, and feels like this will just be another one of those. She reached out to me in terms of what payment plans I have available as paying $400 per month for a 3 month commitment seems scary for her.

I responded and offered her a quick call where we can discuss these concerns.

I need help with what to say in the call when it comes to pricing. I want to tell her how she is failing ahead of time by allowing her past experiences with other programs to not give her the chance with something new that comes from a different perspective. I want to coach her on this, but at the same time don’t want to be ‘pushy’ or like I have an agenda.

Please help coach me!