Client’s pity party

The self-pity podcast was really interesting. Thank you for another great lesson.
What is the best way to handle somebody else who is self-pitying and wanting commiseration?
A former student of mine emailed me a blog post about all the things she tried (including enrolling in my program), how she still failed, and for the past year has quit trying anymore. She doesn’t blame me or the program specifically; I believe it’s included to show that she was serious in her efforts.
The email is framed as if she is asking which URL of mine I’d like her to link to.
I’m stumped as to how to respond, because it’s not in my own best interest to be linked to or associated with this list of failures (which seems like an online version of a pity party).
My own model:
C – email asks me which of my websites to link to
T – I don’t want to be linked to her self-pity and failure
F – repulsion
A – do not reply
R – she will feel further rejected and may lead to anger or self-pity

I can’t think of a good A that will help her or me. Any suggestions? Thank you.