Clients who Ghost. Persistence versus desperatation.

I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time on my offers since I’m ghosted more times than not. And I just don’t feel it’s a good use of time to message these people again to ask why they ghosted me / aren’t interested in my offer ? I realize it’s just to collect data, and not necessarily personal. But I also think it seems desperate.

I think of it like dating. If I ask someone out and they say “no” or do not respond – I don’t ask them WHY they aren’t interested as that seems desperate and a waste of time. Instead, I’d find another great person to ask out- because at the end of the day- this person will need to like ME for ME and I wouldn’t change myself (or my offer) for each feedback I get. I’d be spinning in circles if I did.

C-client didn’t respond to offer.
T-they aren’t interested.
F- defeated
A-indulge in negative emotions, inaction.
R- limited offers made.

Can I ditch re-reaching out to clients ? Or do I need to manage my mind around it instead ?