Closing the gap between "wanting" to believe a new mindset and "actually" believing it.

1. For thought downloads, journaling and exercises, is the actual ‘pen to paper’ process more effective than typing? What are your recommendations?

2. I have been having difficulty verbally articulating my thoughts and I’m trying to improve it by changing my thoughts and mindset, but I believe there remains a disconnect between what ‘my wanting to believe it’ and ‘actually believing it is, b/c when it comes to the ‘delivery’, it takes me some time to ’get to the point’. I thought I had been progressing, however, I was recently given feedback that this still needs improvement. This is a critical skill for my career and relationships, and while I still look at this as an opportunity and am embracing the challenge, I don’t know how to close that gap in my thinking. What do you recommend I do to close this gap?