Coach Certification prep

Hi! I will be attending the Coach Certification training in August. YAY! Cannot wait!
I want to set myself up for success so I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction on what to do now to prepare myself for then. (I will be attending the 6/18 Call as well).
I will be working full time while going thru the 90 day practicum and beyond.
I want to be able to get some things done now that could save me time and effort during the 90 days so that I am up and running as a business once I am officially certified. Because I want to be able to fully focus on learning and practicing the skills of coaching and not be distracted by some of the other things that maybe I can be doing now.
Ie, meet with accountant, set up LLC? etc..
I am not a business owner now so this is all completely new to me.
I have no blogs, podcasts, or any content yet either.

I learn a lot by observing what others do or have done and it helps me. (Thinking Tony Robbins here where you can learn from the success of others and save time).

Thank you so much in advance.