Coaching a client with physical pain

I have a client who has a chronic pain condition. We’ve been coaching together for six months and she mentioned it earlier on. In the last month, the condition has resurfaced and she’s now living with shocking pain in her face multiple times an hour.
We haven’t coached this month because talking is painful most of the time.
We’ve exchanged emails a few times this month.
Her most recent was updating me on how she is, and also informing me she wants to continue working together.

My brain went into panic. Thoughts like – I don’t know how to coach a client with chronic unbearable pain. Is it appropriate to ask her to do mediation/thought work during this time? I need to refer her to another coach. How can I help her as a coach?
Basically I feel like I don’t have coaching to offer my client who is experiencing ongoing shocking pain all day.

I do know how to hold space for trauma and suffering, however physical pain seems scary territory for me.
I realize that part of this thinking is based on me – I have a low tolerance for pain and have had a difficulty managing my mind and life during periods of physical pain myself.

How can I view this differently and come out of the panic.