Coaching call with clients

I am currently in CCP training and have hit my first road hump and doubt. Instead of wasting time going over self-doubt, I am so glad we have the model to work with so I can get out of my own way. By doing my own models, I am able to help people. But I want to ensure my models are aligned to that I can have some evidence that I am getting the hang of this. Do you have any other advice on how I can continue to be more curious about this thought download and model?

I keep thinking about weight loss coaching and if is really something for me. This last week in training, I learned that we are simply there to coach people on weight loss and we are not a dietician telling them what to eat and do. We simply show them what their minds are doing for them and allow the client to decide what to do. For me, that seems very way out there and not very helpful for them. I had envisioned more guiding them, making recommendations, but they ultimately get to decide how they want to navigate their lives. There is so much more power in that vs. me telling them yes do that, or oh no, don’t do that. They know what’s best for their bodies and I would only be preaching what I think is best for them and that’s not ultimately what will give them their power to create the life they want. Part of me feels like I will be an inadequate coach if I don’t tell them what to do, like they won’t get anything out of it. Which isn’t a true statement because I am here to serve and there are people looking for help, any kind of help. I want to continue taking things slow, allowing the process to roll through me and refine my mind and work. Coaching is a skill I am learning and it will take time to know all the questions to ask and how to create models that work for the client.

C: Coaching call with clients
T: I am not serving them if I don’t tell them what to do.
F: Inadequate
A: I don’t create my core coaching talking points, I allow client to talk and create models for them, I guide them on recommendations, I allow myself to process this doubt, I am in a rush for results.
R: I waste my own time by not allowing the process to unfold.

C: Coaching call with clients
T: By listening and being present, I am serving.
F: Valued
A: I show up with a clear mind, I practice creating models and walking client through their model, I have no agenda or time constraints, I allow myself the time and space to give and take, I process the judgements I have about myself.
R: I listen to my inner self and process my doubts so that I can serve from a cleaner space.