Coaching combined with other roles?

Hi Brooke,
I have been working part time over the years as I raise my kids in jobs that I can do well and fit my schedule but that aren’t necessarily something I would like to go into long term. I have a law degree and business background and have been trying for years to think about what I would do career wise once I had more time to dedicate to career. I have a special needs son so that will be a priority for a while but I have more time to give to work than I do at this point.
I have considered coaching, but it never felt like it was the perfect fit for me. My sweet spot is combining people skills with operational skills. I have thought about helping parents of kids with special needs get the services, help they need when things are overwhelming or helping women going through a divorce in practical areas like getting their paperwork done for the attorneys, helping them get a sense of their finances, helping them get over the hump of doing what they need to do but don’t know what to do/how to get started.
My question is, do you see the coaching program as something that can be combined with helping with the day to day practical matters people are going through? If I focused on either of those I would need to get educated/brushed up in each of those areas… even though I have been through both, not an expert or as knowledgeable at this point as I would want someone to be in that role.
What are your thoughts?
Thanks, 🙂