Coaching Employees

Hi Brooke!
I am a partner in 2 businesses and I work at our main facility that opened 1 year ago. This has been new for me to actually work with my team members because one of my partners has always been the acting manager for our original business. I decided to leave my cosmetology career (which was amazing and always happy with continuous instant gratification) so I could build an environment within our new business where people love to come to work. I quickly realized this wasn’t going to be easy. Especially since the majority of my actually job requires me to sit behind a desk all day, every day. There was so much turmoil at first and it took a real toll on me. However, I began seeking out self help for myself and ran across your podcast. I joined Scholars and it made a huge difference on how I handle myself in situations. MY STRUGGLE IS THIS…I am going to be a certified life coach by the end of the year. (in your class of course) My niche is going to be business owners/entrepreneurs. I feel strong about that niche, but I can’t help but question my ability if I can’t get a grip on the chaos in my own work place. How can I coach my own team members if they don’t want to be coached? We have some really strong team members, but their leadership styles can me overwhelming and somewhat toxic for others. I honestly don’t understand why people want to live stressed out and angry. Do I have to fix my team members in order to guide others? Or is there really anything to be fixed? Maybe it is me making it a problem by my thoughts. Help me sister.
Have a great day! Thanks for all that you do.