Coaching exhausted

When writing this question- I think I found my own answer but here goes anyways- when coaching people on burnout (physicians), often they feel utter exhaustion from their current work: working 80-100h/w, high stress, poor sleep, paucity of self care, fear of hurting a patient, fear of getting sued, etc.

I see how thoughts about their circumstances perpetuate the feeling of fatigue- (the stories: my charting must be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize; I can’t afford to work less, I must never make a mistake.)

But- in some cases, the deep fatigue seems worth acknowledging and feeling without resisting. To this end, I’m curious if or when a a primary change/tweak in circumstances could be vital-in order to be able to even carve out some time and headspace before they dive into the work of managing their mind. Kind of like getting out of the burning house and then, once in a safer place, deciding what to do next.

Do you see this with highly stressed professionals? Any tips for holding space for them and applying the model when they are exhausted?