Coaching – making offers

Hi. I would like coaching about making offers. I realize that I’ve been conflating marketing with making offers. I’ve been showing up on social media a lot and marketing myself and my feminist coaching business. I feel good about that because it’s helped me to know myself better and gain confidence putting myself out there. I realize that I conflated marketing with making offers. I thought that if I put it out there into the world – social media and conversations- that I’m a coach with authenticity that people would seek me out. I have been marketing but not making offers. I’m ready to shift to figuring out how to make offers and to figuring out what they look like.

Unintentional models:
C – Make offers
T – I can’t find the information about how to make offers
F – Confusion
A – Tell myself that I don’t know how. Look for the information. Watch the 2k modules and the 3 hour event last week. Seek coaching. Keep my “marketing hour” without making offers. Buffer. Play around with my list of people to talk to who I think can help me find clients.
R – I have zero new clients

C – Same
T – Making offers is elusive to me
F – Confused
A – Wonder why I can’t find the answers. Look for the answers. Make a list of people I could tell that I’m coaching and ask them for their help finding people to make offers to. (All this feels yucky and not aligned with the marketing I’ve been doing about how I am as a feminist coaching which is when I feel confident in my offer/price/coaching)
R – Making offers remains a gap

Intentional model
*This doesn’t seem quite right in my body, but it’s closer.
C – Same
T – I’m going to figure this out
F – Focused (as in my eyes narrow to see this one area to work on)
A – Ask this question in SCS. Keep getting coached on this weekly in my SCS coaching calls. Rewatch the how to double your business in three months calls which is why I joined SCS. Rewatch the making offers modules in 2k for 2k which I joined in July.Try to find new/different information.
R – Try to figure out how to make offers.