Coaching, Niches, and Prior Experience

I’m looking at leaving my career in engineering and project management to step into coaching. After looking though numerous websites of the coaches at LCS through the Coaches page, and pricing through the “about me” sections of those various coach websites, I find a common trend of having some sort of professional experience in the niche they are coaching in. Dave Moreno has started numerous businesses; he is a business coach. Stacy Boehman has prior sales experience; she is a sales coach. Corinne Crabtree has a great offer due to her own weight loss journey and success; she is a weight loss coach.

I am unable at this point to see how my engineering skills and competencies can aid me in this career transition. I know the leadership side of business, I know the highs and lows of construction and facility engineering, and I know how to get teams with different agendas to work together toward a common goal (among other stuff). I don’t think I saw one engineer on the LCS page…

All this to say, a trend I’ve noticed is that prior experience is important in order to better sell your offer: “being a certified financial planner for 20 years, I will help you change how you view, grow, and create wealth to where you won’t need to worry about money again…” Obviously you need to know what you’re talking about.

I don’t want to toss away my prior experience (and I know I won’t to a full extent, I won’t be doing concrete testing anymore but the leadership part is always applicable, got that), and want to leverage that prior experience as that would create an even more enticing offer. Are there any engineering coaches that can help with this? Are there any coaches who have “started over” (e.g. I was an accountant , now I’m a health coach) and became successful? Can I be put in contact with them?

As I continue in scholars, and eventually look to certification, I’d like to have some sort of idea that this is a good fit for me, and that I won’t be making false assumptions in that my prior experiences will drive my future offer. What is your experience and how has that manifested into success?