Coaching on Persistent "I don’t know how" thought

Hi there. I would like coaching on my “I don’t know how” thought that is keeping me stuck in overwhelm, confusion, overthinking, uber cautious action, and the cycle repeats. I’ve got a ladder T that I like for daily TW when I hit the “I don’t know” brain, but it seems like this T is connected to a web of others because it is PERSISTENT.

C – making offers for coaching biz
T – I don’t know how to make offers
F – frustrated
A – I watch the Entrepreneurship and how to Double Your Income In Three Months videos over and over to look for information on how to make offers. I feel acid in the back of my throat. My body tenses. I think that people have the answer of how but won’t share it with me. I get angry when someone says, “what if you did know how.” I think to myself that I joined 2k to learn how to make offers. I listen to the podcast and get to as many coaching calls as possible. I submit questions here. I work on my sufficiency thoughts in SCS. I work on my TW daily. I post on social media and send out my weekly e-mails. I continue to feel frustrated and think that I don’t know how to make offers even after all this work which leads to an intensification of the frustration.
R – I do not know how to make offers.

C – same
T – I can experiment today to see what I learn about making offers
F – interested
A – I watch SCS videos (and 2 k for 2k videos), submit questions, and catch the live coaching calls when I can. I listen to the podcast. I work on my TW daily, model, and get coaching. I wonder if I need another coach then I think that’s my scarcity coming in. I notice and manage my mind around it into a calm future self space. I post weekly e-mails and on social media. I e-mail people I know telling them that I’m a coach even when I feel nervous.
R – I still think that I don’t know how to make offers.