Coaching on podcasts

Hi Brooke,

I’m getting ready to launch my podcast and have already put out a call to my mailing list asking if anyone wants to be coached ‘live’. My plan is to pair them with a specific teaching, e.g. one week I’ll teach about overwhelm in my niche and the next week coach somebody who is dealing with overwhelm. I also have other types of episodes scheduled on my editorial calendar.

I’ve noticed on several podcasts by you and some of your trained coaches a trend of offering coaching on calls early episodes and then not doing it later on. I’m wondering if that’s because those episodes were less popular/less effective, or if they’ve changed their business objectives in some fundamental way, or something else.

Do you have any specific tips or advice about doing this?

(I have noticed myself that I find these coaching calls hard to follow on podcasts. This is pretty strange because when I listen to SCS audio calls, I don’t have the same issue. I’m not sure what’s different.)

Thank you!