Coaching opportunity

I was just thinking about reinventing myself and what it’s going to take to go to the next level in my business and I saw an offer for a special coaching opportunity from my fav coach. The investment is 5K and then there’s a live in person VIP for another 5k. My very first response was “This is exactly what I need and 5k for in person with her is a bargain.”

I immediately started to think about how it would feel to enroll (amazing and terrifying) and go through the process (transformative) and how I would feel and what I would accomplish and how I could pay for it before the training date. Then I talked to my husband and started trying to coordinate the dates, the travel, and the child care. At the end of the day my thought was, “This isn’t going to work out. What can I do to have the same experience without the travel?”

This morning I briefly felt relief I hadn’t enrolled and committed to spending the money, but now I am annoyed that I can’t just spend what I want and take off when I want. I am going back and forth between “I can make the money to pay for it” and “I can’t spend that much money” and “I can’t make it happen with the kids and the dates.”