Coaching Outside Niche

I coach women to heal their relationship with food. I’m practicing meeting as many people as possible and telling them what I do. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been discussing with men what I do. At least 2 of them expressed interest in my coaching and both questioned why I only work with women.

In the moment I was so stuck in “that’s my niche” and believing that the male experience is too different so I wouldn’t know how to coach them effectively. So I basically told both that I don’t coach men – getting caught up in the marketing message that I need to niche down!?

I’ve done a bit of work in the meantime and realized that A. Just because I market to women doesn’t mean I *can’t* coach men, and B. Yes, some of what I coach on is the social expectations/ socialized behaviors of women, but really most of it is just the human experience and that my coaching could help men.

I’m now feeling a bit regretful, like I’ve missed out on opportunities to get clients and expand my skills. I don’t know if I should re-reach out to those men and see if they are actually interested in coaching.