Coaching Pricing Question

Hi Brooke
I am just starting to seriously contemplate running a coaching business.

I have lots of ideas about what I could offer that would have helped someone like me enormously when I was in the workplace. I am at the brainstorming stage.

I would like to have about 10 clients. My current idea is that I would offer 1 weekly call open to the group, and 1 weekly private coaching call. The group call would include a short guided meditation, a discussion topic, and selected Q&A. The individual call would focus on CTFAR for the specific issues (possible niche- women bringing their best self to a competitive, male-dominated work environment). Boy could I write a book on this 🙂

Do you believe a monthly fee of $500/mth is reasonable? This is $75/hr weekly coaching and $45/weekly call. I would likely require 3 month packages

Thank you!