Coaching Program Creation

I am kind of spinning in confusion at the moment. Certified with CCP just a few weeks ago and decided that I want to practice general life coaching at the moment until I work with a bunch of clients and really see where my passion lies.

Right now I have been busy with holding consults etc. and every time I sit down to create a 6-week coaching program for my future clients my thought always goes to “How can I create something when I have no idea what direction the client wants to go?”

Like how can I come up with a 6-week guide/map if every client will come with different issues? But, the alternative thought is “I am just winging this!” which is leaving me feeling ambivalent and low self-confidence and I am sure not attracting clients to walk in the door to sign with me.

Any guiding questions or ideas that can help me in this process and come out on the other side of feeling confused and not getting to work?

Thank you!!