Coaching Q & A – Follow Up

Hey everyone! I asked a question on Tuesday’s business Q & A about finding more helpful thoughts when business growth spurts are happening– like suddenly booking $2800 worth of work in a single day and only being able to finish half of it.

I just wanted to say, that I went with some of the suggestions, “I am a woman who is learning to scale and grow my business” “I am totally learning how to support myself in the future”

Then today, I woke up, and when I did my positive thought download, “Help and support are always available to those who ask” came out. Then I wrote an email to a colleague, and asked if she happened to know of any reliable audio editors (I am in voice over) and she said, yes! My brother!

So I sent him an email, and for a mere $50 he took on what would have been at least 3 hours of work for me.


My time is worth so much more than $50. Even if he had charged me $50/ HOUR this was worth it, so that I can focus on what I do best, what I enjoy, and what brings in the revenue– actually voicing the projects.

So I attended the call, and within a week, I added a person to my team.

I am so giddy! I almost can’t stop laughing and smiling. (AKA this shit really works 🙂 ) THANK YOU!!!!