Coaching struggle – go back and forth between thoughts that bring fear/insecurity/nervousness and confident and excitement

Hello! I have conflicting thoughts and feelings prior to coaching a client.

The thoughts are:

I can’t help them
I won’t know how to help them
They won’t like me
They don’t need me
I won’t know the answer
Someone else is better or can provide more

Or the complete opposite:

I can’t wait to help them
I can definitely help them
I’m excited to talk to them
This will be fun
I’m so excited about their progress
I have so many ideas
I can’t wait to tell them this

They are both strong at different points but sometimes the negative ones are stronger.

I am doing thought downloads and focusing on the more beneficial thoughts but the other ones still win sometimes and I can see a direct result in how I show up on the calls. Any advice? Thanks!