Coaching teenagers

I am currently coaching a 13 year old girl. I recently noticed my brain offer me the thought: It’s possible you have to coach her differently than your adult clients because she’s young. As well as, you shouldn’t coach her too hard. And coaching her too hard would look like really trying to get her to see that it’s her thoughts causing her pain and not the people in her life.

I am curious to know if the LCS has an opinion regarding coaching teenagers and if we should coach them any differently than we would adults? Is there any brain science that would indicate we should coach brains differently depending on their age?

My answer to this would be two-fold – 1. Yes, I should coach her differently because she is young and I should be gentle with her because she is a child (which I can tell comes from a place where I think the words that I say and the things that I teach her can affect the way she feels – which I know isn’t correct, but then I wonder if she is too young to really get this?) & 2. No, I should coach her the same way I coach all of my clients, from a clean and open space where we explore her mind together and I teach her where all of her feelings come from. Where I teach her that the people in her life don’t cause her feelings and it’s always her that creates her experience in the world.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom and expertise! Looking forward to hearing back from you.