Coaching teens that are highly stressed… too dangerous?

Hi Brooke,
I am a stepmom to three teenage girls. I had considered that my coaching niche would be to work specifically with stepmoms and the various struggles that come along with that role. But, as I see my own teenagers more stressed out then ever before, their peers the same way, and the suicide rate of young adults raging up in unprecedented numbers, I feel that I can offer tremendous value to teenagers who don’t realize there are intentional, conscious ways to think about their lives and challenges. There was a suicide this past Wednesday at my oldest stepdaughters high school. An affluent high school, with incredible kids and families. This child was well liked, and was said to constantly be smiling and happy. I choose to think that this is devastating for many reasons. It is also inspires the desire to create change. I want to help. I want to offer the tools and methods for teenagers to survive their current struggles. And the challenges that come next. And the ones that come after those. I want to help them live happier lives. I want to give teenagers the tools you have given me, and I want them to share those tools with every friend they have.

When I talk to other adults/parents about this they say “it’s too dangerous”. “Kids that you coach might commit suicide even after working with you”. “you are putting yourself out there for legal ramifications”. I am putting my own mental health on the line if I had to deal with a client that I couldn’t help…etc, etc.

I know that mental illness is a fact. I know that those individuals most likely need to work with professionals that have a level of experience that I don’t have. But, what about all of the thousands and thousands of stressed out teens that don’t have a mental illness? What if I can help someone’s son or daughter live a happier life? What is the value in THAT? Tony Robbins says to look at your own community, find out where people are struggling and then provide value for free. Don’t ask for anything in return, just give. My community and many others in the USA have teens that are more depressed and more desperate than ever before. I see it and I feel it in my own life. What are your thoughts? Is this niche too dangerous? I know you have personal experience with this topic as a mom of teens. How do I coach teens that are stressed but otherwise highly functioning and healthy? I want to dedicate time to this niche and also build a coaching business that thrives and financially profits. Can I do both? I value your thoughts and brilliant guidance.