Coaching without training

I’ve been dreaming to become a life coach for years now but talked myself out of it keeping it as “maybe one day”. One of my friends told me about this young coach who was offering a free program to gain experience and testimonial. I signed up for her free program and later found out that she had no education or experience in this field. No training whatsoever. Not even a book read. She had one session with an experienced coach and decided that she wanted to become one as well. And so, she became a life coach in one day.
I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I judge her because this kind of “coaches” are creating a bad rep for the industry. On the other hand, I am admiring her courage and boldness. She had time and money to study and get any certification but intentionally chose to learn by doing.

Is it ok to learn by doing? Or is it more ethical to get at least basic skills in coaching before you coach clients? It’s confusing because coaching is unregulated industry.