Well, the over all consensus is right, starting your own business and stepping outside the cave does make you feel like ass. I am spinning in confusion over where I should start. I know it is all thoughts and I need to just step out and make mistakes but it is difficult to set up a structured business when you are confused. I can start with consults but I don’t know how long to offer a package, I can start with education in the community but do I charge or don’t I, what education should I start with and do I really know what I am doing? It all makes me want to barf but I am going to keep going because I know I can help working caregivers feel better and help them make their own life a priority. I keep thinking I am missing something that others have.
C: Business
T: I am missing information required to run my business, others have it and I don’t.
F: confused
A: spin about content and don’t know what to offer
R: Don’t put anything out into the world and never figure things out.

C: Business
T: I can helping working caregivers manage their emotions and make their health a priority
F: Determined
A: Build a program off of working caregivers managing their emotions and prioritizing self-care. Make offers to help in the community, online and use myself as an example of what is possible.
R: Start working to see what works and what does not work to eventually hone my business down to one or two offerings.