Commission and goals

I just got a new and exciting role as an enrollment coach for a mentor of mine who has a very successful high ticket coaching practice. I get paid on commission for enrolling clients into her program. I spend around 1 hour per call in order to ensure that we only invite the correct people into the program. If I enroll 5 clients in a calendar month I get a decent incentive bonus.

This month I wanted to enroll 5 people. Today is the 21 July and I have enrolled 1 person. I understand intellectually that this is a numbers game and the more calls I can take the higher the probability of enrolling more people. However there are only so many calls I can take per day (I work part time) and somehow just working harder and longer to reach a goal seems to go against my value of creating value rather than putting in the hours. I have heard Brooke talk about that too, being a good employee is about value creation not hours worked. How can I reconcile this to my sitaution? I want to increase my income from this job and hit my goal. Thank you