Committing to a business model out of three options or just do the three options?

I am currently self-employed.  I have used my social media to sell dance lessons, sell a network marketing product/opportunity, create videos on Tik Tok (and get paid for it), and I also have a one-on-one life coaching business.

Right now the only things I am actively doing for money currently are:
-Tik Tok (get paid daily similar to YouTube by the app as well as occasional brand deals and partnerships – got my first one recently, YAY!)
-Life coaching (I currently have one client on a three month contract at $400 a month)
-Network marketing (building a team and selling a product I make about $400-$1200 consistently)

I feel kind of torn and confused.  I genuinely enjoy all three, yet part of me is doubting myself.  Should I commit to one and make that work, then move to another?  Should I scale one first?  All the messaging out there is so confusing “niche doesn’t matter, sticking to one passion doesn’t matter” and then I also hear all the time “yes niche down, it matters .. you’ll never make money doing more than one or two things”

I am super passionate about dance (and stopped selling it because of a knee surgery).

I am super passionate about Tik Tok video creation and am having a BLAST doing this (didn’t even know I could get paid till recently).

I also love network marketing.  I use these products DAILY and I advocate for them from the heart and have changed some lives with the opportunity as well.  I also get to coach my team.

I also love coaching one-on-one clients as well.

Should I be focused on one?  Or should I narrow down to 2?  Or should I allow myself to do all 3 as I please and learn as I go?